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Miriam Weiß

Researcher, Institute for Regional Development, Eurac Research

Miriam L. Weiß is a member of the scientific staff at the Eurac Research Institute for Regional Development. She received both a Master of Arts and Sciences and a Bachelor of Arts in European Studies from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Her main research interests are in the field of inter-municipal co-operation, demographic change and regional management in mountain areas and urban contexts. She currently manages the PlurAlps project and leads the working group on Migration at the Institute. Prior to joining Eurac Research in 2009, Miriam worked in the field of transatlantic relations in research, policy advice and cultural tourism (e.g. Foundation on Economic Trends – The Office of Jeremy Rifkin, USA, American Institute for Foreign Study, Germany, Organisation für Internationale Kontakte, Germany). She is a trilingual (German, English and Italian) tour manager certified by the Provincial Commission of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, South Tyrol.


Recent Publications

  • Zebisch M., Vaccaro R., Niedrist G., Schneiderbauer S., Streifeneder T., Weiß M., Troi A., Renner K., Pedoth L., Baumgartner B., Bergonzi V. (Eds.) (2018). Klimareport – Südtirol 2018. Eurac Research, Bozen, Italien.
  • Weiß M., Dalla Torre C. & T. Streifeneder (2017): La cultura dell’accoglienza nelle Alpi: le prospettive del progetto PlurAlps. Ripensare le migrazioni per uno spazio alpino pluralistico. In Membretti A., Kofler I. & P. Viazzo (eds.): Per forza o per scelta. L’immigrazione straniera nelle Alpi e negli Appennini. Aracne editrice, Canterano.
  • Weiß M., Hoffmann C., & T. Streifeneder (2016): Cooperation Models and Pluri-Activity to Exhaust Value-Added Potentials in Mountain Regions. In: Koulov, B., Zhelezov, G. (Hg.): Sustainable Mountain Regions: Challenges and Perspectives in Southeastern Europe.

Recent Projects (position: project manager)

  • PlurAlps – Enhancing Capacities for a pluralistic Alpine Space, Interreg Alpine Space,
  • Zukunft 2030 – Realizing job opportunities in peripheral areas of the Passeier Valley, Ulten Valley, Deutschnonsberg and Meran Surroundings, European Social Fund


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