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ForAlps past and present

ForAlps is a self-managed group that has organised several meetings since 2015. The first event’s national scope centred on Italian experts who met at the Bicocca University, Milan, in November 2015. The second meeting hosted international participants at the Salecina Foundation, Engadin, Bergell, Switzerland, in May 2017. For the third meeting, which once again focused at a national level, the first book edited by network members — Per forza o per scelta: L’immigrazione straniera nelle Alpi e negli Appennini, Membretti, Viazzo and Kofler eds., Aracne, Roma, 2017 — was presented at Eurac Research, Bozen, in November 2017. The most recent meeting was organised at the headquarters of Pacefuturo, an NGO in Pettinengo, Biella, in May 2018.


ForAlps next steps

  • publication of the volume Alpine Refugees;
  • the elaboration of a position paper on international migration in the Alps, containing policy proposals developed during network seminars and analysis;
  • strengthening of international co-operation and information exchange between participants in the ForAlps network;
  • research, design and participation in EU projects due to begin after Horizon 2020.




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