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Cristina Dalla Torre

Junior Researcher, Institute for Regional Development, Eurac Research

Cristina Dalla Torre has been working as Junior Researcher in the Mountain Sociology and Rural Economy Research Focus Area at the Institute for Regional Development since the beginning of 2017. She received an MA in Economics and Policy of the Environment, Culture and Territory from the University of Torino (March 2016).

Her interest in the socio-economic and environmental aspects of mountain and rural development is reflected in her multidisciplinary approach to research, which includes social innovation in marginalised rural areas, labour integration of migrants in mountain territories and circular economy, with specific focus on applied research methods and participatory processes. Before joining Eurac Research, Cristina concluded a six-month internship at the International Commission for the Protection of Alps (CIPRA International).

She is fluent in English, German and French, besides her mother tongue Italian, and is passionate about anthropology and wild animal behaviour.


Recent Publications

Lolini, M., Dalla Torre C., Ravazzoli E., (2018). Agricoltura sociale come multiculturalità e simbolo di un welfare generativo, in RegDev Blog

Weiss, M.L., Dalla Torre C., Streifeneder, T. (2017). La cultura dell´accoglienza nelle Alpi: le prospettive del progetto PlurAlps. Ripensare le migrazioni per uno spazio alpino pluralistico. In “Per forza o per scelta. L´immigrazione straniera nelle Alpi e negli Appennini”, Membretti, A., Kofler, I., Viazzo, P. (a cura di).

Dalla Torre C., Weiss, M.L. (2017). Cultura dell’accoglienza: incontro tra migranti e comunità locale nelle regioni alpine, in RegDev Blog


Recent Projects

Horizon 2020 SIMRA, Social Innovation in Marginalized Rural Areas
Alpine Space PlurAlps, Enhacing capabilities for a pluralistic Alpine Space
Study on case of overload and residual risk related to natural hazard in the Alpine space, Bavarian Ministry of Environment



CIPRA International, In Medias Res Trento


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